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Scan Beer Lists With Just A Photo

With just a photo, Picky Pint lets you quickly find ratings, style, bitterness, and other information about each beer in a restaurant beer list.

Scan Bar Codes

Picky Pint also lets you get ratings and information on beers by scanning bar codes. Perfect for finding a beer made just for you at the store, or in your friend's fridge.

Find your perfect beer

Set your favorites and preferences and Picky Pint adapts its recommendations to your personal taste.


Thanks to RateBeer for providing the excellent beer ratings

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Upgrade to Picky Pint Pro (Links below, or in-app purchase in Free app) and get:

  • No Ads
  • Bar code scanning
  • Multi-photo scanning

Pro on iOS

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    Take a photo...


Take a photo...

    Get beer ratings and recommendations!


Get beer ratings and recommendations!


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