Press Release - Nov 19, 2014

'Picky Pint', now available on iOS and Android, makes finding a new beer as easy as taking a photo

Take a photo of a beer list to get ratings and recommendations, and easily find a great beer at any restaurant or bar.

MINNEAPOLIS – November 19, 2014 – Available today, Picky Pint is a new smart phone app that lets users easily choose their next beer at a bar or restaurant. Take a photo of a beer list, and Picky Pint provides ratings and recommendations for beers on the list, and also lets users get more information about each of the beers found.

Picky Pint analyzes the photo taken of a beer list and lets users sort the beers on it by several criteria, including score and bitterness, so users can choose their next beer smartly, according to their taste and preferences. Users can also tap on a beer name to get more details, like the ABV content, and a detailed description of each beer.

Picky Pint solves the problem of choice paralysis when looking at a restaurant's beer list, and allows users to smartly select a beer according to their tastes, even when the beers on the list are completely new to them. New beer discovery is made easier and more fun, no matter the user's previous beer experience.

“Trevor and I created Picky Pint in order to make it quick and easy to find a beer we'd love, and new ones we hadn't tried before. The explosion of new and exciting craft beers being released made this the perfect time to create this app.” said Mike Parks, co-creator of Picky Pint.

Picky Pint also includes a bar code scanner, letting users scan beers at the store or at home, and get ratings quickly before purchase.

Picky Pint lets you set your beer preference, and will adjust its recommendations automatically as it learns about what beer the user prefers. Users can also mark their favorite beers to easily identify beers that they have tried and liked in the past.

Picky Pint is now available on iOS and Android devices for free, or for $2.99 for the Pro version of the app.

Picky Pint was developed by two college friends and software engineers from the Minneapolis suburbs.




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